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Kelly Hampton's Special Offer

Kelly Hampton

Kelly Hampton

Package A

Item 1 - Distant Practitioner Attunement


Item 3 - Ascended Spaces Guidebook

Package B

Item 1 - Non-Practitioner Distant Healing Session

Item 2 - Understanding Rainbow, Indigo, Crystalline, Atlantean Children

Package C

Item 1 - Dominion 7

Item 2 - Bonuses

Item 3 - $50 off Mt.Shasta Retreat

It's all about the Stars and DNA Upgrades!

I recall being visited by my Pleiadian family often during my sleep state from a very early age, around 6-7 years old. I recall seeing the face of Christ appear in a glass of water also near that time. Later, I was able to telepathically connect with my beloved mother on the other side and began my work as a medium. My awakening continued through my twenties and thirties through Master Jesus and Archangel Raphael and later Archangel Michael who kept telling me to ‘step into my shoes.’ Some of this work resulted in my first book, INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL in which beloved Archangel Michael appeared 3 nights in a row relaying this message. My soul theme in this lifetime is spiritual healer/teacher, often working through revolutionary Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM which was given to me 7 years ago from ArchAngel Michael and the Pleiadians. This incredible system extends high level frequencies, including light symbols, key codes and harmonic numbers for documented healing results. This is Divine Source, God energy. Receiving key codes are designed to open up the knowing God/Mind. My greatest passion is in helping others with all aspects of their lives.


Package A

Total Value $250 - Special Offer $111

Item 1 - Distant Practitioner Attunement - Value $195

Includes Q&A, Course Terms and Application form. This is part of the attunement preparation and the forms that are required to begin your journey as a Star Healing Practitioner and join Kelly’s growing global list of certified healers. Everyone will be asked to drink plenty of water as you may be integrating for up to 3 weeks after a session. Everyone will be informed of release symptoms which may occur. Once Kelly is notified of your purchase, someone from her staff will email you to arrange a suitable time from anywhere in the world via landline or skype.

​I would like to thank Kelly, AAMichael and the Pleiadian galaxy for the gift of becoming a certified practitioner. I feel proud to be part of the group of lightworkers who are doing this work. My heart is open, my world is beautiful and I have found peace x

Sarah, UK, Star Healing Practitioner

​I have taken different healing classes, but nothing to compare to Star Healing. I had a Star healing and knew that I needed that energy around me all the time. Just over a month later I took the classes. Kelly is the most amazing teacher, and the class & the energy just flow. Kelly does not hold anything back. She wants you to learn every aspect of star healing, and there is no reason that you cannot walk out of that class and running! To access this energy and pass it on to others is the most amazing gift anyone can give themselves. You will not be sorry if you take this wonderful opportunity. Thank you Kelly

JoAnn Seckus, Certified Star Healing Practitioner for children and adults

​As my training to become a certified Star Healing practitioner approaches its end, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for this wonderful program. Never has a teacher been so available and almost all the time ready for me, for my needs and my questions. Instead of travelling and paying expensive Hotels, I enjoyed the best, most customized training ever, but online. I would like to let every aspirant know, what a skillful and engaged teacher you are. You taught not only the techniques, but you conveyed in an authentic and inspiring way, your love and appreciation for this new, special healing method and its creator, Archangel Michael. I truly wish that many people sense the profound uniqueness of this opportunity to accessing and learning the Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Method, especially in this easy online way. Again, thank you, Kelly

Ellen Simon, Certified Star Healing Practitioner, CA

Item 2 - 2012 AND BEYOND: THE TRUTH - Value - Priceless!

Another prerequisite from Archangel Michael to becoming the next Star Healing Practitioner is reading of Archangel Michael’s second book.



​This book (2012) was the final message that has lead me to learn Star Healing Intergalactic Energy.

Barb, USA

​I really loved this book and Kelly’s first one Into the White Light. I didn't want to put the book down not even to go to the restroom. It was wonderful to have all my feelings and thoughts get a conformation. A must read! I say if you read only one book in your life it needs to be this one. Just a wonderful read and I felt hopeful, loved, very positive and a high vibration feeling almost like a buzzing feeling. I just can't say enough wonderful things about this book you just have to read it for yourself. I have just ordered 3 more of each book for my friends and family. The last thing I can tell you is get it, get it and get it!

Kelli Mitchell

Item 3: Ascended Spaces Guidebook, Value $30

Every Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM incoming practitioner must understand the companion Ascension piece from Archangel Michael to help serve their future clients--not feng shui, not smudging, but a powerful system using harmonics and universal Ascension light energies to help you create even greater abundance for those you serve as a Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Practitioner.

It works wonderfully. We used it to sell a home! Was on the market for 7 months before I could get my beloved to use the program, when he finally did, we started getting offers and it sold that week! Closing was in a week! Woohoo! Kelly, you ROCK! As does Archangel Michael, of course!

Q. Hamilton

After you visited my space my phone started ringing off the hook with bookings. I was almost thinking I would have to close the center. Thank you so much!

Christine Recar, owner Breath of Life Wellness Center

Since I have done the Ascended Spaces, the kids are playing together joyfully and I can hear them laughing together. This is so warming for the heart! More than ever before, there has been less fighting between them. I love it that it actually feels sacred in our surroundings. I feel confident that AAM lead me to you. Life has been magical!

Melody Tharp, Star Healing Practitioner for Children & Adults, Ascended Spaces Practitioner

Package B

Total Value $239 - Special Offer $99

Item 1: Distant Healing Session - Value $170


This is a creative, powerful form of healing with structure, molecular, cellular healing of body, mind and spirit. Experience what thousands around the globe have already experienced!

Archangel Michael

A healing system such as Star Healing Intergalactic Energy ™ is so important in many ways to help every man, woman, child, (and animal) because it originates from Source and helps with various forms of protection through its’ divine structure. It works to return human and animal bodies into crystalline light bodies while restructuring 3rd D DNA into its original 5th D pure DIVINE love form and has done so since 2010.

These magnified Ascension healing systems for those of you yet to know of them (animals, 2) are the strongest blue ray healing frequencies at this time on your planet. This is shared with loving grace from my Mother/Father God. This is not my wisdom. In other words, it is the wisdom from divine almighty Creator. I advise the consideration of it by all those doing light work, and for all living beings of all matter, all generations up to age 90. Removing implants and codes that were placed to limit your life experiences and other forms of layers of untruths are energetically transmuted in these Star Healing sessions and returned to Source.

It is not simply because I shared this wisdom with Kelly Hampton that I advise this particular healing system. It is because as a form of protection, we also open the magnified heart center and share the divine wisdom of extending love and kindness on a daily basis as a form of protection from dark forces. Energetic fears are removed that remain in the etheric bodies. The strands of DNA including the placement of judgment codes, which were placed to keep your planet under control, are restored to their 5th D pure love form. In addition, by extending love and kindness to yourselves first and foremost you will have added another layer of protection and healing.

Archangel Michael

Experience stargate energy from the 12th D and Beyond. Experience the healing power of sacred geometry, receive 3 sacred symbols, have the Christed Extraterrestrials assist by using Ascension tones and by downloading light codes to detoxify organs if necessary, update your chakra system, remove past life soul pieces of a 4th D nature. Be immersed in energetic bliss, have your etheric fears, implants removed and much, much more. Pleiadians, Centurians, Arcturians and more Christed races are present now as this system has continued to grow in authority, (along with many Ascended beings and angels).

Here is a PARTIAL list of some of the health conditions clients have reported relief or elimination with after receiving this amazing work:

  • Reduction or elimination of cancers
  • Tumors, bone spurs
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Clairvoyance enhancement
  • Immune system dysfunction,
  • Asthma and other respiratory conditions
  • Smoking
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Allergies
  • Soul traumas from sexual abuse and other emotional damage
  • Addictions, compulsions, including Alcoholism and drug addiction
  • Fears, phobias
  • Body aches and pains including arthritis and slipped disks
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Depression, memory loss
  • Migraines, gallstones and kidney stones
  • Hearing loss, infections, nerve damage
  • Integration for high spectrum souls

In addition, many are traveling to their original 5thD homes experiencing bliss, peace and calm, going through star gates. Many are witnessing Christ, Angels, Guides, loving light beings for the first time along with other expansions in intuition. Second elevated attunements may also be conducted to be immersed into the I AM consciousness, time travel, and receive key codes.

The distant healing session lasts for 1 hour however you can be integrating for up to 3 weeks after your initial session. Once notified of your purchase, live time will be arranged via email by someone from Kelly’s office. Everyone will maximize their healing if you also combine your Star Healing with AAMichael’s other revolutionary system, Ascended Spaces, for creating abundance.

Item 2: Understanding Rainbow, Indigo, Crystalline, Atlantean Children       Value $69

To further support the high spectrum souls on our planet and help them integrate:
60 Minutes of Archangel Michael’s wisdom to to add to your listening library. THROUGH ARCHANGEL MICHAEL YOU WILL LEARN:
  • Traits and behaviour that each of these soul types exhibit
  • How to determine if you are the parent of a Rainbow, Indigo, Crystalline or Atlantean child or young adult
  • Why they came (and continue to come) to Earth and their global purpose
  • Ways you can support their missions/soul purposes rather than diminish them
  • ​What Michael advises about medication
  • What nurtures them as a collective group
  • Why Archangel Michael says STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY is THE healing system for them and
  • How this powerful revolutionary energy healing system given to Kelly in 2010 can help them integrate more completely into the frequencies on Earth including improving social interactions, success in traditional school settings and more and
  • Why AAMichael stated that, "These souls know this healing system as they know their names."

Also includes

Access to my “Members Only” Facebook Group to support the indigos, rainbows, crystalline and other high spectrum children and young adults!

During my 2nd attunement Star Healing session with Kelly, when she first placed the nautilus shell on my navel, I did not feel much. But as soon as she started the upper journey, the real trip began. I felt myself lifting up very gently, then I could actually see myself lying on a large nautilus shell and it was carrying me out into the galaxy. I felt myself going through a stargate portal or perhaps a wormhole out near Sirius. It was not all fast with lights flying by me as they show in the Stargate movies, but a very gentle rocking movement, like floating on a gentle sea. Almost immediately I found myself moving into a healing cave on a planet with 8th dimensional energies. I could see golden spires coming up from the floor and going down from the ceiling like giant shimmering stalagmites and stalactites. They moved out of the way and then closed back in around me as my nautilus magic carpet entered the space. Even though Kelly indicated to me that we needed to move on to another part of the attunement, I told her, "No problem. I can stay here in the cave and be back in the session with you. I am multidimensional." I did stay out in that cave for most of the day soaking in the energies of the golden light.

Gwendolyn Hill, Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Practitioner

My post traumatic stress syndrome which has debilitated me in so many ways over the years, including depression is gone! I am again joyful. Oh, and gold energy comes from your eyes. I saw it when we were doing our sacred closing ceremony. Blessings!

John Schulz

My TMJ pain is gone! No migraines or any headaches, but most importantly the anger you pulled from me (weeding) LOL has not come back. I have NEVER felt so at peace in my entire life! I have had the opportunity to use the key code Archangel Michael gave me and amazingly, I went right back to that loving, peaceful home of crystal mountains, vibrant colors and my most beloved grandfather.

Melissa, Eureka Springs, USA

Package C

Total Value $290 - Special Offer $79

Item 1: DOMINION - Value $140

7 hrs. of consciousness expanding mp3s!

The entire DOMINION 7 volume series from

Archangel Michael

The New Way To See the Stars!

Be among the FIRST ON THE PLANET to hear from Archangel Michael as he introduces through Kelly his Revolutionary NEW “Dominion” Astrology/Astronomy system and dig more deeply into your understanding of the planets, stars, cosmos. Learn why knowing about it may be vitally important to your awakening!

Your astrology in some ways uses an older system. This system will be light years ahead of it. I am naming it Dominion. Do you know what Dominion means? It means Oneness/Ascendancy. Why do we need a new system to understand the stars? Because the one your earth uses is fading away energetically. If you have worn tires on your car, do you wish to keep driving on them, or would you prefer to get new ones? Astronomy? Yes, Dominion will encompass this, too.

AA Michael

Step more fully into your shoes as light workers & awakening souls on our planet by embracing this NEW and NEEDED system for studying the COSMOS.
  • Be introduced to Ostalas, Persimini, Herculon, Damascus, Celestene and other Galaxies and what life forms resides upon them.
  • Allow Archangel Michael lovingly teach and remove any fears you may have about connecting with other galaxies and light families
  • Have your questions answered about how to make practical use of these teachings for your highest good.
  • Discover the galaxy of Damascus and what healing purpose loving light beings who reside there provide to our own planet
  • Hear the angel discuss the concept of “light years” and how they will be changing/evolving.
  • Learn how you personally can send the healing frequency of tenderness to hunted animals on the planet and help yourself and our planet Ascend to love.
  • Listen as Archangel Michael describes the major planets in this constellation and how beams of light energy are being sent to our planet for healing of all types.
  • Learn from Archangel Michael what the main healing frequency is within the galaxy of Herculon
  • Learn what planets make up this Christed extraterrestrial galaxy and what they look like
  • Hear Archangel Michael describe the life forms which live here and what their civilizations are like
  • Hear how beings from Herculon have technology to help our planet..especially advancing technology to mine minerals in a less invasive way
  • Receive the harmonic healing code to personally connect with the healing of this galaxy for your personal expansion or our global one
  • Deepen your awareness of how we are not alone in the universe
  • Be introduced to starseeds from Herculon and how they do their work–both children and young animals
  • Hear about violet children and their healing purpose
  • Learn what 6 planets (including the planet 92D2, similar to R2D2 from Star Wars) stars and faded stars make up this Christed extraterrestrial galaxy.
  • Hear Archangel Michael describe the loving, life forms which live here and how their golden heart floats throughout their bodies
  • Learn why Archangel Michael describes this civilization as “Utopian.”
  • Learn why there is no aging in this universe and why the angel sees these beings as advanced.
  • Learn about planet 2C3C9, the “invisibility” planet and why it was created to act like a giant sound speaker and MORE!

Special Bonuses - All 3 of Archangel Michael's books.

I could not put this book down. It is very inspiring and I appreciated the fact that it didn't just talk about Christianity but it touched a bit on several other religions who each have Master teachers in their own right. That was very refreshing in a world with so many different religions. It touched on past world history with an Angelic perspective. It's ultimate message was one of love and if we as a world forget that, we're going to change the future of Earth as we know it, and that's not a good thing. A thought provoking read.


Written in the same powerful, poignant prose as Kelly's last two books, Archangel Michael's voice (through Kelly) resounds through these pages with clarity and purpose. He gently educates readers about the animal kingdom - past, present, and future - to help us understand, connect with, and heal these profoundly sensitive, loving beings. He continues his teachings on such essential topics as Ascension, Mother Earth, underground civilizations, intergalactic ancestors, Atlantis, harmonic codes, and energy healing while revealing many surprising truths about land, air, and marine animals. Finally, we learn the answers to many of our burning questions. What really happened to the dinosaurs? How can we help animals on the brink of extinction? How do animals find their way back home over great distances? And, most importantly, what can we do to help our animal friends during this great time of Ascension? These answers and many more, lie within.

Chelsea J., California

I read "Into the White Light" and still re reading some chapters. Thank YOU for sharing God's word. I pray every soul in this world; Earth, reads it and is blessed to have it find its way to them and embraces each enlightening word. Thank you for sharing the most meaningful words I have ever been blessed to receive.

Elizabeth Syberg-Schmitt



JULY 21-23RD 2017. Early bird registration now through Feb. 1st, 2017

Who wouldn’t want to be nurtured by a powerful and loving Mega Angel for 3 days, in pristine Nature with all vibrant elements? Mt. Shasta was a journey of Oneness, bridging Earth and Heaven. The exercises, visualizations, invocations, energy work, etc., created a deeper level of connection to our Higher Self and, as Humanity which we are, a higher involvement in the service the Planetary Guides and Protectors are performing during this Great Shift.

Catherine, Retreat Participant

Visit Fairy Falls • work to restore lei lines • matrix and harmonic code work to help heal various illnesses on our planet • easy hike to St. Germain Ring to work with the violet flame to receive vision for your life • interplanetary shape shifting • time travel • elemental energy work • channeling of Mother Earth • Star Beings • visit a portal into the Inner Earth • work with the divine feminine in the peace garden • (optional sweat lodge ceremony, mineral springs and bath) • introspective exercises to expand your inner knowing • guided meditations • make new friends! • have fun~


Are you coming?

I am personally feeling healthier, centered, calm, and empowered since our Alchemy Course. Thank you.

DeeDee Ginder, Tennessee

Thank you for your dedication and service to heal and raise the consciousness of our planet.

Wendy L., California

The Shift into Receiving your Abundance and Vibrational Wealth begins the moment you say yes to the offer!

For this reason, this Special Offer is non-refundable.

Kelly Hampton


Kelly Hampton

Kelly Hampton is a second-wave Pleiadian and spiritual Alchemist here to anchor the Christ grid of Ascension. She is also a renowned author, angelic, channel of many light Sources, a gifted medium, animal communicator and energy healer. Since 2010, she is also the founder of multiple 5thD ground-breaking healing systems given to her by Archangel Michael including STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY™, Star Healing Equine™, Star Healing for Small Animals which some are calling THE most powerful healing systems on the planet. These systems are responsible for releasing a huge range of physical and emotional ailments including all types of pain, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, addictions, allergies and much more. The Christed intergalactics channel light language during every Star Healing Intergalactic Energy TM session, remove 4thD implants, etheric fears and much much more. She is also the founder of Ascended Spaces™ from Archangel Michael—the angel’s answer to feng shui--for creating abundance in our New Earth. She certifies practitioners in all of these modalities worldwide with practitioners currently in six countries.

She has appeared alongside many of the world’s most accomplished speakers, healers, psychics and authors including Gregg Braden, Lisa Williams, Marianne Williamson. She is also the founder of DOMINION, the new astrology-astronomy system for the New Millennium from Archangel Michael since 2015. She is the author of INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, 2012 AND BEYOND: THE TRUTH FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, and her latest release THE BOOK OF ANIMALS.

Through her other intensive training workshops and online programs, telesummit appearances, seminars, spiritual retreats and audio series, she elevates the human and planetary consciousness.

Kelly Hampton

Kelly Hampton

Package A

Item 1 - Distant Practitioner Attunement


Item 3 - Ascended Spaces Guidebook

Package B

Item 1 - Non-Practitioner Distant Healing Session

Item 2 - Understanding Rainbow, Indigo, Crystalline, Atlantean Children

Package C

Item 1 - Dominion 7

Item 2 - Bonuses

Item 3 - $50 off Mt.Shasta Retreat