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Package A - Divine Blueprint Alchemy (Training & Ceremony)

-A total value over $130 AUD,

Special Offer: $84.50 AUD

Save 35% - Use Coupon Code DBP-AWH35

Package B - Discover Your Soul Plan - Online Mini Workshop

-A total value over $130 AUD,

Special Offer: $84.50 AUD

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Package A

Divine Blueprint Alchemy (Training & Ceremony)

Anchor, Attune to and Activate YOUR Divine Blueprint NOW!

Access 2 hours of MAGIC That Will Change Your Life!

No matter where you live, your time-zone, or how busy you are… Look no further to realize your highest potential, to fully embody your souls call! To experience more grace, ease & joy in your daily life!

“You are given 3 days to access this life-changing Celestial Resonance Living Light Language DIVINE BLUEPRINT SELF-PACED ONLINE experience like no other!”


When you choose to step into this life-changing, self-paced, on-line journey – I will ask you for the date/time/location of your birth so that I can email you a copy of your Natal Chart (which is a map of your Divine Blueprint ). When you receive your Natal Chart from me, you will be given 72 hours access to my Celestial Resonance Academy of Light CO-ORDINATION HUB. While your journey with Divine Blueprint Alchemy will take only 2-3 hours of your time – you will have unlimited access to all Ceremony Offerings for the full 72 hours (enabling you to connect at a moment that best suites your needs). You will access a Preparation Video/Teaching by me, followed by a potent Divine Blueprint Ceremony that channels through profound star temple technology and the energy and consciousness of your 'Divine Blueprint' in Celestial Resonance Living Light Language - to ensure your Divine Blueprint is anchored, attuned and activated! You will complete your experience with a Post-Ceremony Debrief Video.

For the entire 3 days you have access to this Divine Blueprint Alchemy Journey I will be holding an energetic space for you in the Celestial Temple – ensuring your experience is truly magical!


BENEFITS of the Divine Blueprint Alchemy Ceremony Journey!

During your Divine Blueprint Alchemy EVENT I will facilitate profound star temple/lightbody technology, frequencies, keys and codes – that will ensure:

  • Your Divine Blueprint is anchored and that any distortions are rectified.
  • That the communications channels between your Divine Blueprint and the Planets/Constellations/ Sun & Moon in our Solar System are operating at an optimum ( with clear, uninterrupted, high volume transportation of the frequencies, keys & codes you need in any moment).
  • That any blocks, patterns and wounding that no longer serve you are cleared.
  • That any DNA light codes ready to be activated are activated.
  • YOU WILL INSTANTLY FEEL on some level, more grounded than ever before, a deep remembrance & acceptance of who you really are & a profound connection to your destiny & purpose.
  • You will open to deep re-connection to your past life gifts, that are weaved energetically in your Divine Blueprint and DNA,
  • You will open to more fully live in celestial flow, successfully navigating & mastering through times of challenge and growth,
  • You will more easily attract & capitalize upon the opportunities you ‘set up for yourself’ in this life,
  • You will be supported to return to balance in any area of your life where you are off track,
  • You will be supported to navigate life’s big evolutionary transits with as much grace & ease as possible,
  • AND you will master more fully, co-creating an inspired life of passion, joy, balance & fulfillment!

What is Your Divine Blueprint?

Your Divine Blueprint is an energy that exists within every cell of your body. It is like an electromagnetic Mandela weaved into the energetic levels of your DNA. You see you chose the moment of your birth and therefore your divine blueprint – which by the way means it is absolutely perfect for YOU!

At the moment of your birth the planets/Sun & Moon in our Solar System, were in particular positions in the starry constellations in the heavens above you.

Your ‘Natal Chart’ or ‘Astrological Birth Chart’ is a map of the position the planets/Sun/Moon were in at the moment of your birth. It is the energy of this map of the heavens above you at the moment of your birth, that is weaved into every cell of your being via your DNA like an electromagnetic mandala!

As I have said you chose this energy to

  • give you the best chance of achieving all you came her to achieve,
  • to support you to experience all you wished to experience,
  • to guide you towards healing that which you came to heal,
  • to give you the optimum assistance to fully realise your souls highest calling, your destiny and purpose in this life!

For this reason you should think of your Divine Blueprint as a very important ‘note’ your soul gave to you when you chose to enter Earth, detailing your destiny and purpose in this life. It is like the ‘User Manual for your life’, your ‘roadmap’ for this life, your ‘GPS navigational system’ & your ‘divine time clock’ – always guiding you to move in alignment with celestial flow, with your souls plan, to realize your full potential and the highest calling of your soul! It supports you to achieve this with as much grace, ease and effectiveness as possible.

This energy is vital for the success of your Earth walk & for this reason is is vitally important to ensure that your Divine Blueprint is fully ANCHORED into the Earth and that you are finely attuned to it!

Unfortunately many of us DO NOT have our Divine Blueprints anchored – usually as a result of our birthing journeys &/or the experiences of our first hours on Earth. When our Divine Blueprints are not anchored we experience a lack of flow in our life, a lack of inspiration and many challenges (keep reading)!


Who should join a Divine Blueprint Intensive & Why

Divine Blueprint Ceremonies are perfect for everyone who is consciously working with their spiritual growth and wishing to embody their full soul potential. They are also perfect for those consciously choosing to create lives of passion for themselves, lives full of love, joy, health and overall well being.

Divine Blueprint Ceremonies are especially powerful & beneficial for everyone who doesnot have their divine blueprint anchored into Mother Gaia!


Why Would Your Divine Blueprint Not Be Anchored?

Your divine blueprint may not be anchored if:

  • experienced a difficult birth journey,
  • your mother was in pain or fearful during the birthing journey,
  • you were not birthed into a sacred, nurturing and supportive environment OR
  • you simply found entry into Earth to be a shock to your system.

If any/all of these describes your experience it is likely you do not have a fully anchored Divine Blueprint & that you will recognize many of the below ‘traits’ of this. Unfortunately at this time on Earth most of us do not have our Divine Blueprints anchored – which is why these ceremonies are so vitally important, and why they are so popular!


What is your life like when your Divine Blueprint isn’t anchored? IS THIS YOU?

Without your Divine Blueprint anchored it is common to experience any/all of the following:

  • a pre-disposition for fear and anxiety,
  • a longing to go home,
  • a feeling of not belonging,
  • struggle in your life,
  • a lack of purpose or direction,
  • difficulty connecting to your intuition, spiritual guides and more.

The fact is that without your Divine Blueprint being firmly anchored OR without your being finely attuned to it – your life can be far more challenging and less flowing than it should be. This is because it is extremely difficult for you to align to and flow with the Divine Plan for your life and to step into the life you have chosen for yourself.


Deliverables of your Divine Blueprint Alchemy Ceremony?

Before you receive your 3 days access to the offerings, you will be emailed

  • A Map of Your Divine Blueprint (Your Natal Chart) PDF file

YOU are then given 72 hours unlimited access to the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light CO-ORDINATION HUB which offers:

  • A compulsory 1 hour preparatory training video by Kyrona
  • A 30 min audio of YOUR Divine Blueprint Ceremony
  • A compulsory 15 minute debrief video by Kyrona
  • Energetic space held for 72 hours by Kyrona & the Celestial Temple



Austra M.

Hello Kyrona, I'm so grateful for this event! After i finished my Divine Blueprint Ceremony, I felt like I had been to another planet & my journey went without a hitch. I felt very tired and over coming days my kidneys really hurt, but as I'm a healer, I have been doing healing for these issues and drinking plenty of water. I can say that after this Ceremony I feel differently about things I would never have considered doing before. I intend to commence your Divine Blueprint Mastery Workshop as soon as possible - I know this is a necessary next step for me to take. I believe everyone should experience this Ceremony! I have mentioned it to a friend who asks me always why her life isn't working how she wants it to! "Go for it its amazing!!!!" Thank you kyrona Hugs and blessings to you xx

Angie A.

Kyrona the Divine Blueprint Alchemy event was awesome! What a way to end the year and move into the New Year feeling new. Your preparation videos certainly provided the grounding necessary in understanding the wonderful work you do and what we were about to receive. I would not change a thing about the entire event. I experienced the Divine Blueprint Ceremony itself very powerfully, especially throughout my body; the feeling of stepping into the Celestial Temple with you and being present for my sacred ceremony was divine. Within 24 hours of the event in my sleep I was processing issues that have created fear in me about stepping out in the world and found myself the observer calmly releasing them so I would no longer fear it. It felt exciting to surrender this and know that the best is yet to come. With Infinite Love and Gratitude!

Energy Ecstacy

Dear Kyrona, your Divine Blueprint Alchemy program is amazing! I loved it. The initiation was extremely powerful for me and even gave me very important messages for me and my husband. Your work is awesome! I can't even put into words the new world I am delighted to be experiencing of myself since yesterday when I finished my Divine Blueprint Alchemy initiation. Thank you so much. You are a sweet shocking surprise in my life. You make who I know myself to be real.


Hi Kyrona! I want to quickly let you know I LOVED the whole 11:11 Gateway Divine Blueprint Alchemy experience... It's blissful to connect with your recordings and go on such a beautiful honourable galactic shamanic journey... I intended the experience to be a new beginning for me...a gateway of course...and I feel so much happiness finally taking root in my self! I felt more magnetic after the ceremony, more present in a way that could just fully appreciate the feeling of a shower etc in a space of vibrant sacred gratitude. And your grounding technique- pouring liquid haematite into my Earth Star chakra- works like nothing I've ever tried...probably because the ceremony enabled me to finally BE here...I've had such a hard time grounding myself previously. So THANK YOU and bless you! The stars shine brighter for me now too. xo

Annabelle J.

Hi kyrona, I would like to say thank you! I feel very grateful to have been guided to you you for the 11:11 Gateway Divine Bluperint Alchemy Event. Wow amazing! I felt the energies going through me during the ceremony. I grounded myself and went on with my day feeling great. I went to the gym around two hours later and in the middle of a weights sessions there was influx of energy pouring in from the top of my head. The room became very bright like someone have turned on a switch. I felt very dizzy and almost collapsed with 5kg dumb bells in my hands. I did read the warning at the end of the ceremony about how huge the energy work was and to honour the process - so I immediately stopped and refrained from working out for a few days after too! I went to the bathroom and cried the biggest, deepest cry of my of my life! I have NEVER FELT HAPPIER! Over the last week has been a emotional roller coaster, along with chest pains. For the first time in my life I feel grounded and comfortable in my body AND I don't feel the need to go 'back home'... I finally remembered! You are a blessing Ky. Thank you!


I just completed the Divine Blueprint Alchemy 11:11 Event, which i enjoyed so much I decided do do the full Divine Blueprint Self Mastery Workshop straight away! After the first initiation module of the Mastery Workshop - I have to say this journey with you has been LIFE CHANGING ALREADY - I can't imagine what is to come as I continue through the rest of this workshop! Blessings

Package B



Did you know that your soul came to earth with a unique “SOUL PLAN”?

And that you gave yourself a user manual & travel guide for your life!

Purchase this Power Packed, Energetically Potent Workshop & I will support YOU to:

  • REVEAL your SOUL PLAN, your “destiny & purpose”
  • start reading & communicating with your UNIQUE User Manual & Travel Guide
  • flow with your Soul’s Plan & the divine timing of your life
  • realise your full potential
  • bring more grace, ease, efficiency & success into your life.. and more!

It's time for YOU to "Discover Your Soul Plan" and step into your destiny! This revolutionary workshop is FOR EVERYONE, it's universal - yet specifically tailored to your UNIQUE needs from the outset! YOU can do it & YOU will never look back!

Discover what YOUR Soul Plan is, read the User Manual for your life & more!

Let me explain how this workshop will help you discover what YOUR Soul Plan is, how you can read the User Manual for your life & more!

Your soul did its best to ensure that you successfully fulfilled your soul plan! To do this your soul carefully chose the location and moment of your birth. And with this choice your soul gave you an incredibly detailed USER MANUAL and TRAVEL GUIDE for your life’s journey!

This user manual & guide was given to you to ensure you have the experiences you came to Earth to have. That you learn the lessons you came here to learn. That you explore the passions you came to explore. That you heal the past life wounding you wish to heal and clear the karma you came to balance. To ensure that you master the gifts you came to earth master- in order to be able to gift your legacy to the planet! And much more!

Did you realize that you can learn how to easily read your unique ‘Soul Plan’, your user manual and guide for this life? Surely you want to know what it has to say?

Just as importantly as your User Manual & Travel Guide, did you realise your soul also gave you a TIME LINE for your journey through life, a detailed description of the DIVINE TIMING of your personal growth and evolution.

Did you know that you can become aware of the divine timing weaved energetically into every aspect of your life and that with this awareness you can choose to move in flow with it, to move with ease & grace, effectiveness, efficiency and success? Truth is that you have an inbuilt GPS Navigational System for your life, a life tool that keeps you on track and guides you to your ultimate destination moment by moment!

Seriously why would you live your life without the vital tool that is your Soul Plan?

Why you should attend this mini workshop!

The great news is, in this simple SELF PACED 5 hour mini workshop I am going to help you to take a huge step towards Discovering Your Soul Plan & all the wisdom it holds for you! I will support you to begin to read your unique user manual and guide. You will learn to take note of the divine timing of your life and discover the divine timing of the moment you are in right now! This information is going to change your life!

There are no pre-requisites for this Online Mini-Workshop.  All you will need to know is the time/date & location of your birth!

In experiencing this power packed, exciting and fun, mini workshop you will ;

  • Discover what your “divine blueprint” is, what it has to do with your Souls Plan, how it works AND why it is so important to you (this is the energy mapped out by your Natal Chart)?”.
  • You will begin reading your User Manual & Travel Guide, in order to move in alignment with your Soul Plan. You will begin to tap into the wisdom contained within your Divine Blueprint, coming to understand, at a practical entrance level, the important messages – Your Sun, Your Moon, Your Venus, Your Mars and Your North Node have to share with you. As such you will discover;
  • How to best fuel you life (to keep inspired, energised and live passionately).
  • How you nurture & what your past life gifts you have bought into this life to support you to achieve your souls calling.
  • How you have chosen to hold the divine feminine and masculine energies in this life. Which when understood will support you to achieve the sacred marriage and manifest healthy relationships in your life.
  • You will discover what direction career wise, your soul wishes you to move towards in order to ensure your success.
  • You will discover the divine timing of your life and how you can move in flow with this. Starting with becoming aware of the evolutionary goal of the next 3 months!
  • Finally you will experience 19 incredible light language transmissions throughout this workshop journey – offering clearing, healing, energetic upgrades and more! These will empower you to move forward in magical ways!


The Workshop Inclusions:

What you receive when you attend this workshop!”

  • A copy of your Natal Chart, if you do not already have one (valued at $30).
  • Access to the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light workshop co-ordination hub (providing you with 24/7 access to your training, now and always).
  • A Preparation Training Module (this will take you about 2.5 hours to complete). This module includes a video by Kyrona – teaching you the basics of how to read your Natal Chart, a 1 hour Celestial Resonance Light Language Incredible Galactic Shamanic Journey to meet and learn about the constellations. A light language transmission to work with prior to commencing your training. And finally several downloadable handouts that you will need for your workshop.
  • A Comprehensive Downloadable 30 page Workshop Manual.
  • A three month time line report (valued at $25).
  • A Workshop Module featuring 2.5 hours of quality training videos facilitated by Kyrona.This training features potent Celestial Resonance Living Light Language and energy healing technology to support the success of your workshop journey.

What people are saying :

Mel H.

Hi Ky, Discover Your Soul Plan Mini Workshop (SP101) was amazing! Very professionally done, easy to use, interactive & reflective . I Highly recommend it. It was totally perfect for me as I transition out of the corporate world & allow space for what my next steps are.

Laurie Huff

Hi Ky, I have just completed the Discover Your Soul Plan Mini Workshop (SP101) and it was incredible! I've worked with astrology & numerology for 20 years teaching myself & I still learned so much from the class. Your work has been so generous & more interesting than I've ever gotten from any workshop in the past. The value of this workshop is incredible! Thank you!

Melany Mcoy

Hi Ky, Wow my journey with the Discover Your Soul Plan Mini Workshop (SP101) was amazing! Thank you so much. Like most people I knew my sun sign and have in the past had an astrology reading and even had a copy of my natal chart, but it meant nothing.The workshop explained things really well and gave me a much better understanding of myself and what I am here to do. I still need to spend time going in depth with the information and will definitely move on to the self-mastery!

Fiona Falzon

I have always wanted to understand the basics of astrology but never knew where to start. This was perfect! Thank you.

Mark-Allen Brown

Your recent mini-workshop, Discover Your Souls Plan, was a fascinating exchange of extraordinary and pertinent information for anyone seeking personal transformation, journeying an awakening or spiritual path, or unearthing their unique life purpose. It was fun, revelatory, intellectually stimulating and layered with mystical depth and expression! It facilitated the expansion of my consciousness and evolution. The workshop excelled my expectations. In fact, you over delivered! I am thrilled for the incredible return that I received on such an affordable investment.Thank you for presenting this amazing and trans-formative workshop. I look forward to working with you again in the future! Namaste




Kyrona is a passionate leader in the area of cosmic consciousness & conscious evolution.

She is the anchor, founder & principal of the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light (CRAOL). High Star Priestess and anchor of its Star Temple (& Membership) known as "The Celestial Temple".

She is globally renowned as the channel of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language & for her Mastery and Ascension Frequency Healing services!

She is a pioneer of 'Divine Blueprint Star Temple Technology', facilitating life changing Ceremonies and Online Workshops globally!

Kyrona's calling is to spread the wisdom, ascension frequencies, keys and codes of Celestial Resonance as far and wide as she can, to support Earth & Human Evolution.

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  • Package A - Divine Blueprint Alchemy (Training & Ceremony)
  • A total value over $130, Special Offer $84.50 - Save 35% - Use Coupon Code DBP-AWH35


Get instant access to Package B now!

  • Package B - Discover Your Soul Plan - Online Mini Workshop
  • A total value over $130, Special Offer $84.50 - Save 35% - Use Coupon Code SPW-AWH35