Awaken to Happiness Now Global Series

Our mission is to inspire and self-empower you to live your prosperous life with ease, joy, and love through a connection with Spirit.

It is time to raise your vibration so that you can shift your life? Are you ready to live a prosperous and abundant life? Are you willing to truly be more than what you think you are? Would you like to truly connect within and co-create your prosperous life with Spirit this year?

Do you ever wonder why you keep dealing with the same problems over and over, year after year? Do you wish you could move past your issues, blocks, and limitations that have been holding you back? Are you ready to renew your energy and renew your life?

Isn’t it time for YOU to finally experience joy and happiness today?

Happiness is your divine birthright, claim it today! You now have the ability to create results faster than ever before. This is your time! You must know how to access these higher frequencies to transform your life from pain, lack, frustration and suffering to Joy, Abundance, Health, and Happiness!

You deserve to be happy today and every day.  As you awaken to happiness now, you radiate this happiness to others. Let’s change the energy of this planet together and move from fear and lack to love and abundance, from sickness and pain to health and vitality, from despair and suffering to joy and happiness. Transform your life, transform your world.

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Bonuses, Live Calls, & Replays

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Some of Our Upcoming Guests

Throughout our time together on this life-changing free global series, you will

  • Learn the tools & techniques necessary to harness the power of happiness
  • Get to know your authentic self and be more of you
  • Uncover ways to access your happiness in moments of despair & doubt
  • Learn ways to release the negativity in your life to be more positive
  • Learn ways to let go of things holding you back from being truly happy
  • Expand your awareness and connect to your oneness
  • Access these higher frequencies to shift your life
  • Change your thoughts, change your energy, transform your life, and transform your world

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Bonuses, Live Calls, & Replays