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Kimberly Crowe Special Offer

Alchemy of the Heart Series

Kimberly Crowe

Package A
- Over 6 hours (8 mp3s) recorded “Alchemy of the Heart “ classes with “I AM” Retonements.
- Three live group calls: 60-90 minutes.
- Access to Recordings of calls will be available after these live calls. Embedded with the same potent energy.
Total Value: $450, Special Offer Only $97

Alchemy of the Heart Series

  • Are You ready to build the foundation for restoring Your Divine Self?
  • Peace, completion, clarity…..are these states of being that your heart desires?
  • Ready to release your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks?
  • The Alchemy of the Heart Series can accelerate your growth and is available now to support you!

The Alchemy of the Heart Series can accelerate your growth and is available now to support you!

Package A

Alchemical Synergy

Alchemy of the Heart SeriesThis series is based of powerful Alchemical Synergy that is palatable throughout the teaching transmissions. Power teachings of Ancient wisdom downloaded with transmissions in this 3 part series that builds upon itself. Upgrade all cellular levels the body and all levels of awareness, build a foundation of restoring the divine self, collapsing the intrinsic pathways within the brain to reclaim and utilize your energy.

In this 3 part series you will have opportunity to review what is peace.

Clear the distorted matrices within your brain to the path of struggle.Release the concepts around the path of tragedy that bind you.

Teach your brain the path to peace, the path to completion, the path to clarity.Remember the truth in how to dream again from passion of creation.​

Take the Opportunity to experience and learn:

  • Discontinuing from the distorted matrix of known and unknown pain in all times and all dimensions
  • Releasing the illusions of ‘wrongest’Downloading the truth of forgiveness
  • Cellular cleansing of pain accumulated through the lineage and all generations
  • Revoking the karmic binding of the lineage and claiming the empowerment of the sovereign self
  • Claiming the right to alchemy, to create joy and abundance
  • Collapsing the intrinsic pathways within the brain to the path of struggle
  • Reclaiming the energy to joy and aligning the brain with the energy of joy

Inner Awakened Mastery Retonements(“I Am” Retonements)

These Retonements are Transmission Activations that clear out the distorted matrices that are in the 3D illusion so that you can embody the true essence that you are.

Kimberly Crowe transmits a Field of potential to anchor higher dimensional octaves for sacred embodiment with Inner Awakened Mastery(I AM) Retonements.

The “I Am” Retonements are energetic healing transmissions and channeled guidance that provide Multi Dimensional Healing.

The recordings are embedded with Light Code Language which bypasses the intellectual mind and communicates directly with the Soul, Heart and Physical Body of the recipient.

This speaks to the spiritual self to repair the Light Body and upgrade the octaves to the most beneficial potential.

Kimberly works deeply within the Soul contracts, energetic structures and cellular memories to clear out the root causes of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks so you may reclaim wisdom, and empowerment of your Master Self.

Like others, you may experience from these Transmissions Retonements:

  • Clarity about your Life choices and Directions
  • More Inner Peace
  • Release Struggles and Fear
  • Remember your Divine Blueprint
  • Reclaim your Success in all areas of life

Item 1: The Path of Peace Class (MP3, 75mins)

This mp3 is embedded with frequencies to support your journey.
In this class we:

  • Claim the path of peace
  • Let Peace be the trigger and the reactor
  • Clear Implants and emotional triggers to the path of significance
  • Embody the path of peace
  • Release the armor as soul surrenders the path of resistance
  • Restore the path of Peace with Gaia Earth as your partner in all Timelines and all dimensions.

Item 2: Path of Peace Transmission Retonement (MP3)

Item 3: The Return of Alchemy Class (MP3, 90 mins)

This mp3 is embedded with frequencies to support your journey.
In this class we:

  • Release the generational distortions around growth through struggle
  • Release the control from the mind field
  • Step into the open knowledge of Heart
  • Clear all mechanisms of control through struggle and the pain of tragedy of humanity
  • Receive clarity through the path of peace​

Item 4: Return of Alchemy Retonement Transmission

Item 5: Embodiment of Honor Through the Heart Class (MP3 48 mins)

This mp3 is embedded with frequencies to support your journey.
In this class we work with:

  • Freeing the Mind of language constructs
  • Upgrading to the truth of honor
  • Dissolving the distorted matrix of external recognition for significance
  • Release any cellular energy form the shame of dishonor
  • Clearing the vows and oaths from DNA misuse of honor
  • Unifying the heart / brain and calibrating soul codes to honor
  • Heart cohesion: Integration of the path of peace with the three brains: heart, head and gut.
  • Embody the energy of how much Gaia honors you

Item 6: Embodiment of Honor Retonement Transmission (MP3)

Item 7: Sacred union of the future self Class (MP3 48 mins)

The frequencies within this mp3 support you for:

  • Preparing the lightbody to receive the highest octave of energy
  • Receive the energetic essentials for the essence self
  • Birthing the energy to embody the sacred essence of solar conciseness
  • Rebuke and Revoke all bindings of the lineage that has sabotage the receiving of accumulated knowledge.
  • Step out into a place of grace to anchor the energies on earth accumulated knowledge
  • Parting with your future self as your wayshower
  • Releasing old structures around relationships
  • How to move through all parallels and dimensions to embody our sacred self

Item 8: Aligning the Lightbody to the Future Self Class (MP3 70 mins)

The frequencies within this mp3 support you for:

  • Downloading the frequency of Bliss and Completion
  • Restore the alchemy of abundance
  • Now we can create from anything the way universe was dreamed into existence
  • Celebration of being the empath of joy and passion
  • Lighting the portals of love and truth
  • Releasing the distorted matrix of greed
  • Reclaiming Motivation through the highest octave of alchemy
  • Clearing the matrix of the untruths from humanity's consciousness
  • Collapsing the story of comparison

Item 9: Three Live Group Calls: 60-90 minutes

Teachings and Ascension upgrades for your support!

Kimberly Crowe facilitates the activation of your Soul Enlightenment Codes within your Divine Blueprint with Infusions from the Divine. These calls are created for the forerunners who are ready to be the portals of the divine plan within your remembrance carried within your Soul, physical and spiritual essence.

The call will be channeled in real time. Call duration about an hour to 90mins and will be recorded. Format is Q&A followed by Kimberly leading group with a journey, opening the recording and beginning the work. Come release from the distorted matrices that hold you back and step into your Divine full potential!

  • Awaken your Soul Enlightenment Codes
  • Open The Doors To Your Enlightenment Codes
  • Create Planetary Change​

These calls will be geared to the quantum field of the soul essence and infusion codes that are available for the highest benefit.Spirit has shown me the matrix of the new Earth that is waiting to be birthed this synergy lies within the imaginal cells of your blueprint. It is time to remember the future to create it now.

​Kimberly as guided by spirit will upload the group with retonements that will enhance the frequencies that are available now for you to support your divine alignment.

We are all unique to our own Divine cellular structure of our templates of light. This work will clear the distorted pathways of the corrupted matrices. We will align with the frequencies of the Greater Aspect.​

Testimonials ...

I highly recommend Kimberly's Inner Awakened Mastery Retonements. She has such direct guidance with Spirit that her sessions are mind blowing. Such powerful life changing healing comes from her work. She is on the leading edge of this world's movement to Yes! Kim has been my go to/on speed dial since 2005 after my first session, removing the the blockages then and still...I have taken her classes and feel that I have evolved and helped others as well from her healings and teachings. I feel I have connected to her on so many levels (as she has been though all my trials and tribulations since the first time I met her) because of her openness to shine her spiritual light and allowing others to see her inside and out to share that light and dispense any darkness.

... The Success Code Activations

Since experiencing Kimberly Crowe's powerful "Success Codes" process several months ago, I have experienced a significant increase in my financial prosperity. There is no doubt in my mind that receiving this powerful initiation has opened the door to an easier flow of money into my life. I highly recommend Kimberly's "Success Codes" process, along with all of her other work

Benjamin Bernstein

... Healing/Reading Sessions

I went into the session with heart and blood pressure issues. My father’s head appeared and it became obvious it was time to deal with an issue I had been putting off for years. My father had a narcissistic personality and my relationship with him has always been confrontational. After communicating with the inner child and releasing a lot of pain and bringing in understanding I was eventually able to release and integrate the issues. Fast forward to now: My blood pressure had been in normal range and I have not taken any medication; also I have deleted the computer games, which were stimulating my brain, adding to the blood pressure issues. Finally: the path that I have been traveling for 50+ years is gone. I used to be able to think of my father and would chew on the issues, building on the anger and making it larger. I cannot do that anymore. Thanks,


Just wanted to share my lovely experience of Kimberly working on me the other day. She cleared some events that occurred in utero that were both fearful and destabilizing to my soul. Afterwards I felt a great peace within me and a new compassion for my mother as a person on her own difficult life journey, as well as an unexpected tenderness when I"accidentally" stumbled across some old pictures of her a few days later that I hadn't looked at in years. All in all, a very successful session!

Katherine R.   

In my experience with Kimberly, I believe she is a true master teacher. She knows who she is . She knows what to do because she listens to her own divine guidance. She clears and maintains a sacred space where all are welcomed to participate in self healing. There are many lights upon this planet at this time.+Kimberly's shines brighter because of her authenticity, integrity, Love,and courage to speak her truth. For those that want to hear about tangible results, I invite you to have your own experience with her. It is beyond words, and like nothing you have experienced before. She brings the new energies that are available to the Now. Our current words are not adequate to describe. It is about feeling , not using words. Bringing our future selves to the present. Gift yourself with her presence. Thank YOU, Kimberly for all you do.

Anka Naples  

Kim Crowe is my go to healer. She's tuned in and when she works on you she doesn't just make you feel better. She removes the bothersome problem and counsels you on how to keep it from returning. I've taken her classes. Been in her sessions. And had one on one support through her gifts. She's talented. Hard working. Ethical and a joy to know in every way.

Scott Vaughn 

Dear Kim, Today I felt so inspired to write you a thank you note. Thank you for sharing all of your gentle caring, and grace that shines from your loving, beautiful heart, and for all of your awesome and incredible healing energy you resonate, and for all of your humble, strong Spirit led words of wisdom, my mentor, bringing guidance on my path of growing stronger in Spirit, deeper in wisdom, and more at peace. Celebrating the wonderful person you are! You are a true healer in every aspect, mind, body, and Spirit, and you are such a wonderful blessing for me and many others you have shared your gifts. I am grateful for Gods own way of sending you to me. I truly know "Gods Love", because I know you! Love,

Carolyn Dillard  

Dear Kim, After visiting some friends, a few days afterwards, I found myself getting irritable, and very agitated over very simple things. As you and I where talking, you stopped the conversation and said I had picked up some attachments from the visit. After looking back at the visit, I remembered I hadn't protected myself before the visit and knew that that could happen. You removed them over the phone and I could sense an instant change. I felt much better after we talked and the cleansing. Just wanted to thank you again for the work and Love you shared. Much Love,


Hi Kimberly- wanted to take a moment and 'Thank You' for working with me today... the work we did individually and collectively. My oh my- what a GEM you are for sure. If you were to move from this area, it feels like it would be a tremendous loss for the area and those of us living here. I definitely feel a connection with you. I'm sure this happens with most of your clients but I feel something very sacred and holy and pure began/took place with our coming together. It is such an honor to be working with you Kimberly- that is how it feels to me... us working together on something way bigger than work just being done on me the client... not just you working on me. May You Be Blessed

I worked with Kim at a time of tremendous change in my life. I found her healing energies amazing, she was insightful and quick to laugh. Kim is a outstanding healer who was a facilitator in bringing forth a new platform for me of my divine purpose. I am so grateful for this teacher, healer, visionary...she is pure love.


I have had two private healing sessions with you and each one was profound. The focus and integrity and heaing energies coming through you definitely feels like the healing presence of God coming through you. Thank you for all that you are and that you help to facilitate for the good of all open to receive. May you be blessed beyond measure.

... Healing/Reading Sessions

Kimberly- THANK GOD FOR YOU! While I was not able to get myself to participate on the 'live' call, am just now listening to the recording. [guess have been caught in the darkness] Hearing your voice and listening to your introduction is giving me feelings of hope and an upliftment I previously have not been feeling. Thank You SO much for who you are and what you do. Wow- thank you for saying 'no' to the hierarchy for permission and claiming your sovereignty and making it now possible for us to move beyond that 'sealing' and moving past the energies we have been held in .Oh my gosh... i have sure been needing help moving into a whole different consciousness.. Infinite Blessings...


I have attended your downloads of frequencies for three different times now.The energies coming through are amazingly powerful from start to finish and integration happens easily. Am consciously aware of a shift in who I AM which is permanent and grounded. You definitely have a gift in being able to facilitate this and I am grateful to be able to participate. I am so grateful that you have chosen to be on the planet at this time. What you offer cannot be measured. Thank you.Infinite blessings and love to you.

Thank you Kimberly - I really find your work to be helpful and appreciate the call-in format. I would very much appreciate it if you could ask to see the energy of the distorted matrix noted below. I'll be on the July and August calls and trust that whatever comes through is perfect for now


The information was beautiful and inspiring, and you are simply amazing. I am most grateful for the opportunity to participate with you and this group of light workers


"Kimberly is Good JuJu" I have been listening to about half a dozen of Kimberly's WebCasts since Winter, 2014I experience Good Energy, Seeing with my third eye waves and/or waterfalls of Light.After a Kimberly Call. I sense "Healing" of aspects of myselfMy Kimberly Call experience results in a state of Peace & Enlightenment. In summary, Kimberly is Good JuJu. Thank You

Mimi Blue Ridge  
College Student

... about Everything

As someone who has been blessed to frequently experience her work, via her private sessions, group events and recordings, I can say that Kimberly is one of the most powerful healers and consciousness accelerators I have ever had the privilege of working with!

Benjamin Bernstein

Yes! Kim has been my go to/on speed dial since 2005 after my first session, removing the the blockages then and still...I have taken her classes and feel that I have evolved and helped others as well from her healings and teachings. I feel I have connected to her on so many levels (as she has been though all my trials and tribulations since the first time I met her) because of her openness to shine her spiritual light and allowing others to see her inside and out to share that light and dispense any darkness.

Lois D

I have known Kim for many years now, she has done readings/healings for me. I have taken many classes she has instructed, she has worked on me in person and over the phone, she has always helped me in whatever is for my highest and best good in every way possible from physical pain in my body to panic attacks from a car accident and everything else. Kim Crowe has my highest regards as a Person, Healer, Teacher and all around Spiritual Connection.

Margaret D. Johnson 
Springfield, KY

I have received help from Kimberly Crowe for over two years and hope to continue doing so for many more. She gives great non-judgmental and discreet assistance, and I’m comfortable sharing intimate details with her when needed. She relays information to me which is sometimes hard to hear, but she always does so in a loving manner. She’s down to earth and has a good sense of humor, too. Her energy work sessions are fantastic…so soothing yet also rejuvenating. As an empath, I pick up many emotions etc. from others. Kimberly helps me to determine and to dismiss the stuck ones which don’t belong to me. I had a very disruptive longstanding physical problem which was resolved late last year,very soon after Kimberly revealed it stemmed from an ancient familial curse and assisted me in breaking its chains. In addition I began suffering from a ‘frozen shoulder’ in November 2014. (Frozen shoulder is a very painful long-lived malady - usually lasting at least 18 months - which has two painful phases before it gets to the final third phase and begins to heal.) I sought Kimberly’s assistance with this problem in Spring 2015. After she determined and resolved its energetic root in a single session, the final (healing) phase was immediately initiated. The healing phase has continued, and I expect to have normal range of shoulder/arm motion restored soon. Kimberly has also recently done a beneficial energy work session for my ten year old son, who greatly enjoyed it. She is very knowledgeable about crystals and minerals, and makes good use of them during her work. I‘ve purchased several items of mineral/crystal jewelry from her, and she does beautiful wire-wrapping. Kimberly is a very skilled, highly knowledgeable, and very caring soul whose work I highly recommend.


I've known & enjoyed receiving various guidance/assistance from Kimberly Crowe for over 20 years. Firstly attended her guided meditation class, which was awesome. Later while I was enduring a difficult divorce, Kimberly identified the soul contract connections between me and my immediate family members. This helped tremendously in resolving my emotional upheaval at the time. I have also been blessed to experience a multitude of Kimberly's energy work sessions over the years, both in person and by phone. Subsequent to each session, I have experienced a wonderful energetic boost (due to all my chakras and meridians being balanced) in an ongoing process for several days afterward. Kimberly is an energetic 'sanitation engineer' who over the years has removed a truckload of accumulated energetic trash from me! Lol. Her communication with Spirit and Higher Self finds and clears out blockages which also cause physical ailments. This has facilitated my own ability to be of service to myself and to others. Kimberly is a highly skilled practitioner in many areas, and I'm honored to also consider her to be my good close friend.


Kimberly Crowe

Kimberly Crowe

Kimberly Crowe

Kimberly Crowe is an Everyday Mystic and is known as "The Healers' Healer." She is the Sacred Witness to the Inner Awakened Mastery ("I Am") Retonements. She is an internationally known visionary teacher, artist and transformational healer with 30 years' experience.

Kimberly witnesses the matrices of the Divine (and not so Divine). She uses this awareness to transmit multidimensional healing frequencies infused in Light Codes. She holds space to assist the awakening of your Mastery purpose for its highest expression, bypassing the rational mind and clearing obstacles to destiny embodiment.Kimberly's transformational "I Am" retonements are received from Greater Aspect and gifted to humanity.

These retonements speak directly to your core essence, activating DNA and allowing your Master Self to retone your individualized energy signature. Kimberly's sessions accelerate life-changing solutions by transcending destructive energetic matrices so that your divine essence is fully empowered.

Get instant access to Package A now!

  • Over 6 hours (8 MP3s) recorded “Alchemy of the Heart “ classes with “I AM” Retonements
  • Three live group calls: 60-90 minutes
  • Access to Recordings of calls will be available after these live calls. Embedded with the same potent energy.

Total Value: $450, Special OfferOnly $97