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Raquel Spencer

Raquel Spencer


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Health & Vitality Is Your Birthright!

7 Hours of High Frequency Light Activations & More

($500 value)

Health and Vitality are our birthright. But in today’s fast-paced world, we often become depleted both physically and energetically, which impacts our lives in many ways. Spiritual Awakening is both a physical and energetic process. We need our bodies to be healthy, vibrant and thriving, allowing us to hold higher and higher frequencies of Light. It is a vital part of the Awakening process!

  • Upshift Your Divine Vehicle in Just 6 Minutes a Day
  • Increase Your Health and Vitality
  • Increased Integration of the Latest Light Codes Available for your Awakening and Conscious Connection to Your Divine Essence
  • Upshift Your Body to Be the Vehicle for a more Authentic Life
  • Assistance to See, Feel, Hear and Experience Energies at a Whole New Level

Package - Special Offer $97

Health & Vitality Collection 1

Health and Vitality are our birthright. But in today’s fast-paced world, we often become depleted both physically and energetically, which impacts our lives in many ways. Spiritual Awakening is both a physical and energetic process. We need our bodies to be healthy, vibrant and thriving, allowing us to hold higher and higher frequencies of Light.

This collection of six one hour mp3’s helps your body clear unwanted stressors, repair, and rebuild your physical and energetic bodies to improve your overall health and vitality. The activations work on the emotional, mental, physical and energetic levels providing a well rounded and balanced collection empowering your natural ability to thrive.

These transmissions were recorded live with Light workers around the globe, providing both a group synergy and individual experience in the NOW moment for all who participate. This collection contains the following 1 hour activation/transmissions:

  • Cellular Health & Vitality Upgrade
  • Weaving Together The Mental & Emotional Bodies
  • Physical Infusion of Crystalline Light Frequencies
  • Configuring A New Mechanism In the Heart Charka Interface
  • Neutralizing The Stress on the BodyReset for Optimum Health

There is no particular order to listen to these transmissions, as each is an integral part of the whole, so follow your own guidance. However, please give yourself at least 72 hours between each transmission to allow for proper integration of the energies. Each transmission should be listened to in its entirety at one time and while in a comfortable space where you will not be interrupted, if at all possible.

Raquel’s ability to articulate the multi-dimensional details of the activations within your personal matrix provides the participant with a unique and engaging experience that brings a deeper understanding of your multi-dimensional self.

Her ability to access and work with higher dimensional frequencies, Light and ancient languages, sound harmonics and more, facilitates the integration of the latest frequencies of Light into your personal matrix. This enables a stronger connection with YOUR Higher Self and higher states of consciousness.

Cellular Health and Vitality Upgrade MP3

This transmission of Light brings in new codes of information to assist your body with physical vitality and much more. Coming from beyond the Galactic core, these frequencies will assist you on multiple levels to enhance your bodies ability to access divine wisdom and knowledge.

Weaving Together The Mental and Emotional Bodies MP3

This energy activations works to enhance your ability to stay centered. Many many different Light Beings are present, as you expand your your central column of Light and connect with new Light streams and bands of Light consciousness. These new connections help you to expand your awareness.

Physical Infusion of Crystalline Light Frequencies MP3

This transmission of Light brings a blessing from the Ancients, the Hopi Elders, for our body, wisdom and vision. The ancient language is a combination of Light, ancient and star languages, blending many ancient wisdom holders, to assist us with holding a collective vision for humanity. To remember and expand our vision of the wholeness of humanity and why we have come at this particular time in cosmic history.

Configuring A New Mechanism In the Heart Chakra Interface MP3

This energy transmission activates a new sacred geometry, Light mechanism in your heart chakra. This is a deep activation of purification for your body and heart. This purification and activation allows for a much deeper connection to your heart. Working with the energies of the Angelic's, Quan Yin, The Buddha, Mother Mary and more, your heart is opened to receive and hold more love and compassion.

Neutralizing The Stress on the Body MP3

This transmission does a reset of your body systems to improve the way your body and energetics systems handle stress. We are all subject to many different forms of stress in our lives. Our bodies must adapt and evolve to handle the man made stressors we are all bombarded with daily. This transmission also does a reset for our sleep, allowing you to return to a more natural and restful sleep cycle.

Reset For Optimum Health MP3

This transmission of Light works at a very deep level within your energy and body systems to reset your natural rhythms and functionality. Working with the organs, glands, lymphatic system and much more, new codes of higher frequency health are integrated and embodied to positively effect all levels of your health and wellbeing. I recommend listening to this mp3 multiple times to keep your body upshifting and in optimum health.

Plus These Powerful Bonuses

Bonus #1 - Daily Infusions Of Light - MP3 & PDF ($66 value)

This 6 minute energetic process is designed to work with the consciousness of your body. I believe this is one of the most powerful offerings in this package. Your body is your vehicle for awakening. By approaching this as a daily communication and conversation with the trillions of conscious cells within your body, you are becoming more actively involved in your conscious awakening. This will compliment everything else you are doing to facilitate your connection with your Higher Self.

Bonus #2 - Bonus 90 Minute - MP3($55 value)

This transmission works to clear out any old patterns associated with the mis-conception of Self Love. Allowing your authentic self to operate from your heart, this multidimensional activation enables you to embody a healthier and more grounded understanding of Self Love.

Raquel's work has impacted my life in so many ways. The deep shifts and changes I've experienced were profound, unexpected and achieved so easily.I can recommend her work whole heartedly. If you want to shift deep core issues and are ready to step into living an authentic life, her work is essential.


Thank you so much. You really are amazing, and I feel different, especially my head. My heart felt so full of love and gratitude for you right after the session-this huge physical sensation, so I hope some of it got sent to you. I feel like what you do is accelerate the spiritual growth process exponentially. I also appreciate it SO MUCH that you are all about the divine without all of the trappings of other spiritual traditions.


After doing a 1:1 session with Raquel, I surprised my close friends with specific examples of dramatic shifts in my outer life and inner experience. The changes that happened outwardly seemed impossible to resolve before the session.The results of the shifts in my inner state and outer life were so obvious, that half a dozen of my friends decided to work with Raquel. She is gifted with a healing ability that is unique, gets to the core issues and clears the path for for an upshift in your entire energy field. As a healer, I thought I had seen and experienced the best and most profound healers available, but I can now say that Raquel’s work transforms and heals from a level that is unique and brings in the highest frequencies imaginable.Working with her 1:1, in just 1 session, a long-term family situation that felt like it would last forever, resolved itself overnight and my energy upshifted permanently. I’ve never seen such fast and lasting changes through a healing session .


I would like to say that since I have been working with you over a year now that my spiritual path has exhilarated and I have been able to clear away all that I no longer need and also my old beliefs and patterns.My guidance has become clearer and I have to say I am not the same person that I was before doing the transmissions of light.I am very grateful that I found you and I get exactly what my growth needs when I need it.I look forward to every single one and am excited for my amazing growth that has happened along with them.


I first heard about the light worker Raquel from a dear friend, while in New Zealand on a spiritual retreat. She was describing this powerhouse of a healer and how she is able to read your energy like a rolodex, able to pull out any stuck discordant energy and bring you back into alignment. My thoughts were " wow I need to book a session as soon as I get home". As the Universe would have it, not only did I end up having some transformational healing sessions but I would later join Raquel on two spiritual journeys/sacred gatherings in Arizona and England.That is when I realized that Raquel is much much more than a healer, she truly is a master. What I can say of the work is that it is life-changing. What Raquel does is all encompassing.She helps the planet and she helps you. Her intuition skills are spot on, in one particular session, Raquel saw that a baby girl energy was wanting to come through as my daughter, I told Raquel that I did not think that was possible beca use countless doctors and other clairvoyants had told me I would not be able to have children. 4 months later after my session with Raquel I was pregnant. I am now a mommy to a beautiful baby girl Thank you Raquel for all that you do and all that you are. I am forever grateful.


Raquel Spencer

Raquel is a Catalyst for Spiritual Awakening.

Her no-nonsense approach provides a refreshing and grounded pathway for personal growth and empowerment. Calling herself a Spiritual Warrior, her tagline says it all... “Guiding you through the B.S. and beyond so you can get on with what you’re here to do!”

Considered one of the Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders, she opens the dormant mind/body pathways and cellular codes of Light to assist you with remembering your Divine Sovereignty.

Referred to as a Multidimensional Energy Electrician and Cellular Light & Sound Specialist, her skills come from Direct access to higher states of consciousness and memory.

Utilizing skills from lifetimes as a Hathor, Tibetan Monk, Atlantean Atla-Ra Priestess, knowledge from the original 13 Etheric Crystal Skulls and many cosmic / universal expressions, she unlocks your Human Super Computer to embody the highest level of your Divine Essence.

Recognized by Shamans, High Priest/Priestess and Lamas alike, Raquel has traveled the world following her guidance to facilitate the awakening of Light workers, Star seeds and seekers of universal truths.

Assisting thousands around the globe, she helps you navigate through and understand your own multidimensionality, accelerating your Spiritual Awakening and Expanding Your Consciousness.

Her life shifted profoundly after an unexplained 5-week coma, during which she underwent a Soul Braid and a rewiring of her physical and energetic systems. The coma marked the beginning of her own personal awakening and preparation to fulfill her cosmic agreement to help prepare humanity for the “Shift in Consciousness.”

Through Ancient & Light languages, codes, downloads and more…, her multidimensional energy activations accelerate the return to YOUR natural original blueprint as a Divine Human.

She states “You are a bioelectrical, biochemical super computer of Light. The omni presence of your multidimensional self is always present. However; if your Divine vehicle or supercomputer is not functioning at an appropriate level, your ability to communicate, connect and integrate that level of your consciousness is compromised.”

Raquel Spencer

Raquel Spencer


  1. Health & Vitality Collection 1
  2. Bonus #1
  3. Bonus #2