​​​​​The Galactic Past & The Imminent Future ​Masterclass with ​​Elizabeth Wood
Please join ​​Elizabeth Wood and me as we talk about ​​​​​​​​​The Galactic Past & The Imminent Future​, as well as live Q&A and processes.
Friends, our galactic past has been erased and censored. We’re in a special time of revealing and clarity which is prompting the truth to be revealed about all things, especially the past. Let’s use this time of light and “illumination” to open up some of the deepest parts of our past.
In this special talk with Alara I’ll reveal - 
  • Why you should care about our shared galactic roots
  • How galactic anthropology will help us understand our future
  • How the mystical art of dreaming and storytelling can be a platform for wisdom
  • Where the variety of concepts about our past come from
  • The key mystical reason you might want to join us for more!

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​Galactic Voyager Package - 12 Month Live Course

Galactic Voyager Package
12 Month Live Course! 
Replays sent within 48 hours.
Go on a year long journey with an intrepid group of souls who want to understand the wisdom of the past so we can create the future! 
Relevant History Series - Our Galactic Past
Friends, in order to create our future we need to glean all the available templates and information we can from the foundation of our history to the present. As a Galactic Anthropologist I treasure the stories about our shared galactic past. In this series I will weave the templates of wisdom into a storytelling series that will store the many concepts we need now. These templates of wisdom are beyond the templates that we use here on Earth. Now that we’re bathing in the light of the galactic center, we can use them to support our evolution. 
Storytelling is a form of mystical dreaming and weaving alchemy. Rather than create a question and answers lecture, I’ll create a sacred space for you to receive the wisdom you most need now from the stories of our deep past. We’ll share a meditative and receptive flow where the dimensions can open up for you. Galactic memory can be deeply revealing and empowering. 
In this series we’ll meet monthly to cover 12 parts to our galactic history over the next year -
1. The Deep Galactic Past - July 29th 11 am ET

In this first installment we dig deep into the far past when our galaxy looked very different, and a different kind of being prospered. With the discovery of the dimensions and the power of light, our galaxy was transformed into a playground for light-beings. However, as with all new discoveries and innovations, thus comes intrigue and challenges.

2. Homo Prima - The Epic of the Lyrans - August 11th at 11 am ET

In our second part, we discover the culture and nature of the Lyrans, the first physical race in our galaxy. Informed by the long stretches of galactic time, the Lyrans learn the power of the body and planets, begin grand experiments in consciousness and unwittingly start a galactic war. Will they realize they have become destroyers as well as creators?

3. The Galactic Wars Condensed - September 11th at 11 am ET

Now the galaxy knows death. A special set of adversaries with inter-galactic capabilities has the goal of controlling the most powerful thing they've ever seen - the human body. Strange allies, this group of beings have little in common, and mysterious histories. Yet they seem to stop at nothing to have control over everything. Who are they? Who wins such a war?

4. Emissaries of Light - The Galaxy United - October 9th at 11 am ET

Born of desperate need to unite for survival, the first intrepid and brave astronauts of the ancient planets reach out to one another in peace. These first emissaries create a special class of people who, by interweaving family lines, integrate entire planets and cultures into a network. Will they succeed in uniting the galaxy?

5. Rivers of Red - The Epic of Sirius - November 13th at 11 am ET

The revered and precious planet Sirius, one of the original galactic council members, took the brunt of the violent galactic wars. Although they were deeply learned about energy and consciousness, they too were subject to the desires for power. The Sirian epic holds the origins of the masculine and feminine divide and the lesson of power at others expense. Will they be able to create peace after so much internal turmoil and use their power for good?

6. Sand and Sea - The Epic of the Pleiadians - December 11th at 11 am ET

The Pleiadian epic is really a tale of two planets. The nurturing and healing nature of the Pleiadeans, while a foundation for their culture, also carried a dark side. Not free from the pains of hierarchy and slavery, the Pleiadeans suffered the common ails of a people divided. The lessons of exploitation, division and control are discovered in the tale of the dance of the desert planet and the water planet. The Pleiadian traumas informed their future - can they find equanimity and peace?

7. Arcturus Symmetria - January 8th at 11 am ET

The ancient and proud race of Arcturus were the only planet to escape war from within, or without. With their deep seated and strong priestess government, they only knew the utopia of peace. Their astronauts were born of the privilege of peace, and they thrived in a symmetrical and cymatic environment. But, with the peace of ignorance comes nativity. Can they face the darkness with wisdom or will they fall from their own lack of experience?

8. The First Council of Archetypes - February 12th at 11 am ET

The galactic council born of the wars, continued to evolve over eons. As the most active of the original galactic families reach higher consciousness and attain enlightened states, they begin to revel in their common humanity. With the discovery of Templates of Wisdom, they begin to recapitulate the themes of the human race in order to design a new and powerful experiment in consciousness together. In order to accomplish this, they must find the true archetypal nature of humankind.

9. The Creation of Gaia Earth - March 11th at 11 am ET

A radical idea became real - to create a specially made planet with specially chosen bodies in order to cultivate an experiment in which enlightenment can be achieved at a certain pace. How is a planet born, and what kinds of bodies are most ideal? The Galactic Council developed and implemented what seemed impossible with the help of many races, including non-humans. Was their experiment successful?

10. Andromedans Hope - April 8th at 11 am ET

Meanwhile, the Andromedan galaxy tumbles ever closer to a merger with our own. As the great Time Keepers of Andromeda watch, they look also into the future of the orbits of reality. The galactic wars created grand ripples of change, cultivating xenophobia and inevitable unrest for the far future of the unified galaxies. Can the Andromedans convince humanity that their great differences are not worthy of war? Which of them will volunteer for such an important mission?

11. The Lost Sky Tribes - Galactic Refuge - May 13th at 11 am ET

While we have focused on the three main human races whose influence has been the deepest, there were indeed many humans from many planets involved, especially with the creation of Gaia. In her early habitable years, Gaia became a refuge to several races whose planetary homes were destroyed. Who were the Lemurians, the Anunnaki, the Zeta and the Dogon? Where did they come from?

12. The Waters Part - Homo Luminous - June 10th at 11 am ET

After 66 cycles and 33 golden ages, we are at the end of the reign of Homo Sapiens on Earth. This is the perfect time to recapitulate the experience of our history. How exactly was the experiment designed here? What were its flaws? What were its successes? What are the present challenges to our evolution? Will we succeed in uniting and becoming Homo Luminous?
Wisdom and knowledge are very different. Wisdom is very formless and doesn’t need a story to be imparted necessarily. Knowledge does require the discovery of experience, and story is a good way to share it by way of example. In our series we’ll be working with both of these forms of energy information. Wisdom is often understood and absorbed by the subconscious first, so expect that it will arise more subtly for you as we play in the layers of time and past together. 
(Notes - Please expect to do necessary self care after each story and drink lots of water! More times for each class will be announced. Each class is recorded and the replays sent out within 48 hours.)
I look forward to this epic voyage with you! 
Elizabeth Wood


​​"​​​Happiness, Clarity and Breakthroughs! - I'm so excited! Elizabeth, you really spoke my language and really hit on many areas that needed healing, yet were difficult for me to pinpoint. Of all the work I have done, it seems I still had the shells around my body around my heart not letting people in.... I'm so glad they are dissolved! Each area of healing you chose really resonate with me! One week after your healing templates: I am feeling more happy, I am singing, I am loving myself and talking to myself in the mirror hahaha... I feel much more clear on what I want, and less afraid to exert authority when situations at work arise. I finally got my butt up to get some exercise in, I am practicing doing things that I'm not 'comfortable' doing! I felt myself stepping out into new territory. I went out on a 'date' and I was very open, very myself, and not afraid to express!!! That was new for me! Thank you so much for acknowledging all these parts of me through your work. Thank you for the healing. I'm so excited to continue working with you!” In Love and Light!" ~ ​Teresa T. Shen, L.Ac, CEO/ Lead Physician
​​"​​​Extraordinary! Outstanding! I was blown away. - An experience of a special kind is the personal session… Elizabeth not only looks after your 3rd Eye (and heals it) but scans the whole body. I have been searching for many years for the cause of some of my issues and was astounded that in a matter of minutes, Elizabeth identified them and helped me get rid of them. Extraordinary! Outstanding! I was blown away. And I have never felt better in my life! There is very good reason why people say, Elizabeth Wood is a world class seer and healer. She not only has a rare gift but a pure heart as well, and that makes her remarkably amazing in her field. If you have the chance to work with her, I highly recommend to take it. I loved every minute of it. Thank you for all that you do, Elizabeth." ~ ​Claudia
​"​​​For advanced practitioners too! - Elizabeth Wood, I LOVE your energy, your work, your clarity, your reach, and your grounded, secure and ego-less human-ness! You are one of a kind, in all positive ways, truly. I just KNEW, intuitively, that a session with you was needed, and Oh My was I right..!! You pinpointed pretty much every crucial part of my life circumstances/issues, bringing much needed confirmation, validation and clarity - and added some truly enlightening new information on top of that. In a situation where I no longer dared to trust my inner know-ing you brought every piece of information needed to restore my faith in myself, the Now, and, thanks to your unconditionally loving response, humanity. I highly recommend a session with Elizabeth! However well established, spiritually advanced or aligned with your heart-soul-source you may already be she'll still be able to bring something hitherto unseen/unknown to the forefront that will help you in ways you never even knew you needed. Thank you so very much, from my heart and soul!" ~ ​Johanna Hultin
​"​Increased Synchronicity and Light! - Elizabeth is in incredible seer and teacher. I am so very grateful for her and our session together. I feel more balanced than ever. Even though I have been an energy healer for over 20 years, there was something still blocking me from doing what I came here to do to share with the world. Now I do not have to work so hard to bring in the light through my body. There is a large column of light with me all the time. Since our session my prosperity has picked up.  My artwork is selling better. In addition since my time with Elizabeth after just one session, I am moving forward with writing books which I had had blocks with before.  My life is flowing better each and every day as my intuition is clearer than before. Her teaching has brought me joy and a clearer understanding of my body and the world beyond. My life has also had much more synchronicity. I look forward to learning much more from Elizabeth in the near future. Thank you Elizabeth!  I am blessed with you in my life." ~ ​Catherine, Artist, Creativity Coach, Energy Healer, Author

​Elizabeth Wood

Considered an advanced seer, Elizabeth Wood works on the cutting edge of galactic and quantum anthropology, trauma healing and futurism. With her lifelong ability to see into and work with all dimensions, her theoretical and psychic work has helped people all over the world. Called “Living Library and Oracle”, Elizabeth has spent her whole life studying anthropological theory, quantum physics, ancient and modern medicine. She has two science degrees, including a Masters in Applied Anthropology. Her philosophies and practices bridge science and spirituality to support real change in the world.
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