​​​​​Unleashing your Divine Blueprint for Next Level Service in the New Era Masterclass with ​​​​​Michael R Smith
Please join ​​​​​Michael R Smith and me as we talk about ​​​​​Unleashing your Divine Blueprint for Next Level Service in the New Era, as well as live ​​Q&A and processes.
It's time for empaths & Lightworkers to fully embody our Divine Blueprint so we can take our Divine Service, and the gifts that flow from it, to the next level.   In this discussion, we will be exploring ways to connect with Higher Intelligence so that we feel excited and passionate about our lives and Service, not drained or overwhelmed, especially in light of current world events.
Join ​us to ​:
  • ​Learn what the Divine needs from YOU, starting today
  • ​Learn the #1 way Lightworkers can receive more abundance
  • Learn how to discern what's your intuition & what's not
  • Receive energy & inspiration as we connect to Spirit LIVE on the call
  • ​Empath Academy - 5-Week Live Online Empath Training program
  • ​Soulpreneur Startup - 8-week Intensive- Self Paced & LIVE Hybrid program


​​"If you wish to heal, grow your intuition and/or empathic abilities, then please sign up for the Empath Academy.   Michael Smith's energy is incredibly high vibrational. Raising your vibration by being in the company of an extraordinarily high vibrational teacher is one of the reasons many people go to ashrams in Tibet or India.  His energy is very balanced so it will tend to balance yours out as well.  It may well be one of the most wonderful experiences of your life." -  ​​​Carissa Schumacher, channel for Yeshua; Sacred Spirit Illumination Sedona and NY TIMES author of THE FREEDOM TRANSMISSIONS
​"​Michael, Thank you so much for the life changing experience of your Empath Academy! With your masterful facilitation, the multi-leveled learning went inside and is now part of me. It was not just a feel good experience in a class; it shifted and changed my daily life.  The Academy changed me deeply and profoundly. I AM different, a before and after.  Without reservation – a truly rare thing for me to do as I am extremely particular –  I wholeheartedly recommend the life transforming power of the Academy experience.  Again, with all my heart, Michael - THANK YOU for generously sharing your many gifts and talents!   Love, light & blessings." - ​Alison Carter, WV
​“​​​​Participating in the Empath Acadamy was one of the best things that I could have ever done for myself...Michael and all the class participants brought in great group energy. They each brought in a piece of the puzzle that I needed to move myself forward and become the woman that I am intended to be.  Michael is a remarkable man and a fabulous teacher.  You will walk away from this class with the knowledge to be the true you without facing fear or judgment. The joy you will experience after attending this academy will be remarkable.  Do this for yourself!!" - ​​S​tephanie
​“​​​​​Michael, the course had already been exceeding my best expectations...when last night featured for me my own huge release of energy, with a climax of huge lighting-like energy in my center.    My class didn’t end with the call.  I spent all night in vivid medicine dreams involving you and the class participants, and energy movements in my physical body.   I’m really amazed at the progress that is happening here, and your ability to be in tune with every participant on the call." - ​​​​A.G.
​“​​​​​​Your training seems to have opened up other psychic abilities in me as well....and after Wednesday’s class I had nonstop healing dreams with you in them. I don’t remember any of them in detail, only that I know the work is being done on a very deep level. I rarely see energies, but as you began the mediation I began to see your energy field and saw white stripes of light coming from your head, as if they were white feathers.   You were moving energies and during the ceremony I felt the loving healing energies. You are very sweet in this life but you’re a great, great very old soul.  Thank your for your service in the light." - ​​​​​Karen, San Antonio, TX
​"This has been just an amazing experience.  I know we have all grown from this experience.  Just life changing.  You have no idea. Being able to work this way is just huge, the other half of the coin that I was missing." - Jennifer M.
​​"Michael is an extra-ordinary teacher who thoughtfully crafted a powerful curriculum. He's so engaging and gives 100 percent of himself in this course. I felt honored to be a part of the sacred space he created for our class. Thank you Michael and every one of my classmates for a wonderful time!" - Christina Knowles
​​​"Wow, Soulpreneur is really resonating with me. Your techniques are great it feels like I really hear it now. I'm excited now, not as anxious. Every part you share feels so important - the group - the tech -the meditations, and the non-judgemental support. Thank you for your gifts!"- Kat
​​​​"Michael's energy and enthusiasm, wisdom and guidance were the catalysts that helped me break through some deep-seated obstacles to uncovering a more authentic way of being in all areas of my life/body: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I am indebted to Michael. My life has been transformed and altered in ways that I could not have imagined."

​Michael R Smith

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Michael R. Smith's pioneering work to connect empaths and sensitives with their Divine potential has reached millions. As a doctoral trained counselor, spiritual medium, and healing practitioner of indigenous energy medicine, Michael's great joy is to serve as a spiritual guide for those at all levels of awakening. He offers online intuition development classes like the Empath Academy, private mentoring, and The Empath Sanctuary member community. He lives in the mountains of Flagstaff, AZ where he enjoys hot yoga, hiking, and talking to the trees and mountains.
  • ​Empath Academy - 5-Week Live Online Empath Training program
  • ​Soulpreneur Startup - 8-week Intensive- Self Paced & LIVE Hybrid program

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