​​​​​Are you stuck in the energy of Disease Masterclass with ​​​​​Sarah Massiah
Please join ​​​​​Sarah Massiah and me as we talk about ​​​​​​‘Disease States’ and why it is important to Dig Deep Within, as well as live ​​Q&A and processes.
  • Have you thought about where the energy of certain diseases stem?
  • Have you thought about the energy behind disease states in which you find yourself?
  • Do you feel you can heal from within?
  • Do you understand the importance of manifesting good health?
​Join Sarah on the show today to:
  • Gain greater clarity on what it means to be holding a disease state.
  • Acquire greater awareness concerning past incarnations and how they effect and affect us in bodily form.
  • Learn what is meant by becoming a host for disease states we may find ourselves in.
  • Understand what it means to become ‘The Master healer of your Own Life’?
  • Gain a greater understanding about Healing from Within.
  • You will also receive a short live healing meditation to assist you On your healing journey.
  • ​Plus, an activation to aid you know you are supported by Creator on your healing journey.
(Melchizedek, Many Angels, Ascended Masters and Star Light Beings join Creator and Sarah during the meditation)

  • ​90 Minute Personal Session with Sarah
  • ​Small group Akashic Record Training
Payment Plan Available
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PACKAGE A - Value $​​​​​​212

​​​$​75 Off - Special Offer $​​​​133

Outstanding Value - Highly discounted session!

​ 90 min session to aid you to heal from within.

This is a deep session offering 90 Minutes of deep healing within the Akashic records.  Clearing of contracts and weights that you made with Creator when you knew whom you were.  Healing many, many stories that hold negative energies and bringing back peace and light to situations in the time of now.  Aiding the healing of issues that cause panic, stressful and fearful states.

PACKAGE ​B - Value $​​​​​​​555

​​$​222 Off - Special Offer $​​333

​Small group Akashic Record Training
​Heal ‘yourself’ deeply from within.  

Small group Akashic Record Training to heal deeply from within.
Taught over 4 weeks every Wednesday 2.5-hour sessions.


"​Before starting the course I felt excited yet nervous - to finally learn how to work within the Akashic Records, but also lacking confidence in my ability to do so and trust the information received. I found Sarah to be very clear and thorough in her tuition (theory and practical) and I appreciated that myself and my fellow students were provided healing and guided meditations each session to help with grounding, improving confidence and getting closer to the origins of where our insecurities come from, particularly past lives. Sarah individually assigned us weekly homework to help us practise working with the Akash and this was reviewed at the subsequent session. This homework combined with the many practical exercises within the sessions helped give a breadth of experience to base our personal unsupervised healing and activities in the future. We had initially planned only 3 teaching sessions, but Sarah kindly provided 4 teaching sessions to help match the pace of the group and also included a final 5th follow-up session to check how everyone was getting on and ensure we are having success independently. Although I only required and completed the course in 5 sessions, I know that Sarah is continuing to offer sessions for another pupil until they feel fully confident and able. I was also impressed that Sarah granted free access to join future reruns of this course with new students as "the lessons will be running anyway", so if I ever needed a refresher I could access this for free. As always, with all my healings and training with Sarah, I have felt exceptionally welcomed and dearly looked after. Having now completed the course and gained both supervised and unsupervised experience in working with the Akash, I feel sufficient confidence to do so when I wish, and I know that if I ever need help or further guidance then Sarah is always more than happy to help and only an email away. Sarah's support, dedication and knowledge are second to none."- ​Dov
"Sarah is the very best channel I’ve ever experienced. She is extraordinary, gifted from Creator. A very beautiful soul filled with unconditional love and light Thank you so very much!!"- Marie
​"​I am not the same person I was before working with Sarah. So much has shifted in my energy, lifting out layers of denser energies/stories. I encourage anyone to work with Sarah/Creator and experience a Key Session, or 2 or 3. My challenges included a myriad of surgeries. During one session, I could actually feel my spine straighten. There is nothing like the Key Energy session. They are Brilliant! The Key Session clears so much of the Akashic Record. I am lighter! A session can bring you back to a place of balance of Divine Love and Light. Tears of emotional pain transmuted to tears of profound gratitude of love and joy. Love you dear one." - ​LC
​“​I had a session with Sarah in May of 2019. I was just feeling so lost in my life. I didn’t realize that I had so many past life issues to deal with. I was also holding on to events that had happened in my childhood. Everyday things get clearer. I can see now that I am on my right purpose in life. I have to let the feelings go that I can fix everyone’s problems. I am starting to put myself first to help others. Thank you so much Sarah for my new awakening." - ​​​JW
​“​​​​​I recently had a session with Sarah and it was amazing. I am in the midst of a move to another state and I am so grateful for how much more relaxed, trusting and aligned I am with everything that is going on with the planning, organizing, and challenges that come up. One of the many things we worked on in the session was worry. I am really a different person now and feel how my whole body is more relaxed even in stressful situations. Even my mind seems more quiet. Since I do not have a permanent place to live when I get to Florida, I would ordinarily be concerned about getting something lined up. Instead, while I am doing my due diligence, I am able to be more present in this now moment and trust that all will unfold in perfect Divine timing. Thank you Sarah for helping me see life through a different lens. I would highly recommend working with Sarah. She is loving, kind, and awesome." - ​​​​Sandy
​“​My sessions with Sarah were simply powerful – beyond words. They helped me see with greater clarity some of the core issues I had been working on. Sarah facilitated the sessions with such finesse and sensitivity which I appreciated. I highly recommend her who is a skillful and strong channel of light, yet with an affable and humble personality." - ​​​​​YC
​“​I want to relate the positive shifts that have occurred after 5 days after you you and I did our session. I have opened up to more understanding and experience of vibratory frequency in the past few days which I claim are a result of the work/service you did with me in our session. I feel very supported in my “ascension” into the higher realms as a result of our session. Thank you very much." - ​​​​​​Bruce
​“​Much has happened on so many different levels since our beautiful session. One of the first things I noticed was a sense of stillness that I haven’t experienced before. When they talk about a quiet mind… I’ve had a glimpse…On the spiritual practice side, I have been making more active calls to the spiritual realms and the all that is-ness and so far…As you know, I’ve been asking about and for clearing my relationships with money. On the one hand, I have more money personally than I have ever had (about to receive an inheritance on top of the $500 above) and at the same time in fear about the money for payroll next week. Thank you so much again. I’m now asking for my picture to be clean, clear and beautiful, asking that money flow freely in to have more than enough to pay everyone – asking that all affected be lifted. I’m seeing the results, the bank came through to help with the pinch and give us a little cushion, and 2 big orders came in today. Still trying to breathe and be grateful that the funds are available for me even though it required debt. Letting go of “even though” and trying to sit in gratitude. Thank you for your work and opening and holding the space." - ​​​​​​​Tracy
​“​I felt at ease straightaway with Sarah, I feel her compassionate energy, her kindness and her passion for helping people. Sarah’s Golden Keys of Melchizedek is a powerful healing system as it reads from the Akashic records and brings changes into the records so that the individual’s life experience can become more positive moving forward. I have personally experienced some powerful energetic shifts in myself during and after the sessions. I have noticed that I attract more positive situations in my life, my response to old situations has completely changed. I feel more integrated as an individual with a more positive mindset. I highly recommend that you try Sarah’s Keys session for yourself to have a direct experience of this amazing healing therapy. Thank you Sarah, I am so very grateful to you. Blessings." - ​​​​​​​​Claudia

​S​arah Massiah

Sarah is a Founding Member of the Elohim High Council of Light, working closely with Melchizedek, Ascended Masters and Angels.Sarah Massiah is an award winning author whose book,‘The Cosmos, Ascension and the Golden Keys from Melchizedek’ won the Mind Body Spirit Book Award in the channelled category. She is currently looking to publish Book Two in the Series. Sarah recently won the South of England Prestige Award for ‘Best Holistic Practice’.
She is the Founder of ‘The Golden Key Energy Healing System’ which works directly with Creator. This fast and uplifting healing modality enables those in receipt to clear many stories that hold them back within the Akashic Records, as well as contracts and programmes held with Creator. Such contracts aided the duality of existence and the continuum of life. Now at this time, the ‘Time of Ascension on Earth,’ Creator wishes many Souls to be freed of the burdens of their pasts. Now is the time, so they may walk forward in Glorious Light, knowing they ARE Divine Beings of Light and Part of Creator, without separation. Sarah reports it is the wish of Creator that souls walk forward with Glorious Joy, Love, Peace in Mind, Heart and Soul.
Sarah Massiah had been working as a qualified nurse for over 20 years. She gained much experience with working with the most vulnerable groups within society.Her educational background in nursing gave her an excellent base. She then went on to study many energy healing modalities. 
  • ​90 Minute Personal Session with Sarah
  • ​Small group Akashic Record Training
Payment Plan Available
*** Use your Inner Circle Membership Gift Code to receive a special 10% or 25% discount from Alara. ***

Inner Circle Members, don't forget your 10% or 25% off!
If you're an Inner Circle member, don't forget to use your PROMO/DISCOUNT code for 10% or 25% off this offer. No other discount will apply. If you're not yet a Stellar YOU Inner Circle member, and would like to find out how you can get up to 25% off this and all offers, click below.

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