Awaken to Happiness Now Global Series

Our mission is to inspire and self-empower you to live your prosperous life with ease, joy, and love through a connection with Spirit.


DaKara Kies
Raise Your Vibration with Isis Alchemy
Susan Kennard
You Are a Pure Channel of Light
Bryan Rawls 3
Energetic Update with Portals & High Powered 5D Integration Days
Caroline Oceana Ryan
Becoming Your Joyful, Abundant, Powerful Fifth Dimensional Self
Alicia Power
Advanced Akashic Surgery of Your Heart Chakra
Sandra Woods
Rock Your Reiki Intuitive Vibration
Ana La Rai
Tips & Tools for Raising your Vibrations
Dr. Jean Logan
Letting Go of Who You Were
Bryan Rawls 2
The Magick of All Hallows Eve/Samhain
Marlenea Johnson
Angelic House Cleansing
Karen Lagrange
Ask, Believe to Receive
Amy Flynn
Quantum Frequencies and Attunements to Activate Your Magnificent, Upgraded FUNbundant 5D Reality!
Lori Spagna
5th Dimensional Living:Vibrating & Aligning with The 5th Dimension and Beyond
Audrey Light Language
Soul Architecture and Energy Engineering
Bryan Rawls
Energetic Update